Marblite is tried and tested as a reliable waterproofing material for swimming pools and koi ponds.


We specialise is crack repairs of all types with regards to swimming pools and koi ponds/water features, including all shades and colours of marblite.

If a pool has numerous cracks it's usually recommended that the pool be fibreglassed since the pool clearly has a lot of movement and or the concrete shell has weakened to the point that the pool is basically falling apart. Although this is the norm, some pool cracks CAN just be repaired and still add a couple more years to the pool's life. 

At Rhino Pools we always fill the crack with a proper swimming pool crack filler which is manufactured by Cemcrete. This is the ONLY way to repair cracks in one's pool since any other material, especially Pratley Putty, is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem!

In some cases we even "staple" the crack with Y10 re-bar staples which we cut and bend from 6m lengths of the re-inforcing steel bar. We then drill holes at strategic points on either side of the crack into which we insert the "staples" after first filling the crack with the rubberised pool crack filler.

The final stage of the crack repair is to plaster over the crack with the matching colour of marblite once the crack filler has dried and cured sufficiently.    

Marblite bonds to any cement based surface like concrete or plaster and has a lifespan of around 10-12 years. Some marbelite pools have been known to last 18-25 years but this is only in very few cases.

We offer a 1 year guarantee against marblite peeling off from the walls or surface of the pool or pond. This guarantee is very good if one considers the fact that any problems would surface within a week or 2 and would be visible immediately.

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