Solar Panels are a cost effective way of raising your swimming pool's temperature. It helps to have a solar blanket of some sort as the heat loss takes place on the surface of the pool. For this reason the volume of the pool, in terms of literage, has no impact on the number of panels one needs to heat one's swimming pool.

The solar panels need to equal at least 60% of the surface area of the pool in order to heat effectively. Less than 60% coverage is ineffective but more than 60% solar coverage is a bonus. Another formula for swimming pool solar panels is 1 panel per 10 000L of pool water.

At Rhino Pools we use Delta-T solar panels since their panels are affordable yet reliable and sturdy.

Delta-T swimming pool solar heating panels


  • Life expectancy of 20-25 years
  • Superior headers
  • Best panel design
  • Dedicated quality control
  • Excellent service backup
  • UV stabilzed material
  • No running costs
  • Very effective
  • Extended swimming season 


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