Fibreglass pools are easy to keep clean and do not stain as easily as other types of swimming pool. For this reason it would be safe to say that a fibreglass pool is by far the best type of swimming pool to have.

There are 2 densities of fibreglass available. Fibreglass mat is measured in grams per square meter. 

- 300 g/m. sq is used more for hobbies and repairs to motorcycle fairings, canoes, fishing kayaks, etc.

- 450 g/m.sq is used for lining swimming pools and repairs to fibreglass pools as well as fibreglass tanks, etc.

450 g/m.sq fibreglass mat is 1.5 times denser than the 300 g/m.sq mat and therefore 50% stronger. For this reason it is imperative that the pool contractor building or lining your swimming pool with fibreglass should use the 450 g/m.sq mat.

There are also generally 2 types of resin available: 1 being general purpose resin or "GP" and the other being Isophthalic resin or "Iso". GP resin is fine for use with 300g/m.sq fibreglass mat when doing hobby work but when fibreglassing a swimming pool, Iso resin is crucial in that it is formulated especially for use where water is involved and water resistance is necessary. Boats, yachts and jetskis are examples of instances for which Iso resin based products were formulated and swimming pools fall into the very same bracket.


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